Activity policy

Thank you for supporting Mayu Channel .
On this page, I will describe the activity policy and contents of mayuchannel.

About my activity as VTuber

mayunya is a privately owned and operated VTuber who is not affiliated with any company.
To the viewers and users who support me To everyone.
I would like to inform you that I am focusing on two-way communication.
Our main focus is on live broadcasting, not video posting,
and we don’t make the sale of paid content the main focus of our activities.
We emphasize interaction using Twitter, etc.

Policy on belonging to companies and groups

I don’t feel the benefits of belonging to a group or company.
I don’t think so at the moment.
However, in the future, the enterprise’s thinking will change.
If it is confirmed that it will bring more benefits than disadvantage to me.
I will leave room to consider belonging to companies and groups.

Revenue policy for operating VTuber

My VTuber activity is not aimed at making money..
It’s a complete hobby, so we don’t do activities that aim to monetize.
For example, “Give a gift to your audience when monetization is approved".
But at the same time,In order to maintain the motivation of my activities,
The number of subscribers, the number of high ratings for broadcasts and videos,
And we want to get the number of users (simultaneous users) who watch the broadcast.

Rights regarding characters and 2D / 3D models.

Regarding the 2D model of mayunya,
there are copyright holders other than mayunya for the second and subsequent models,
mayunya owns only the copyright and personality rights of the character,
except for the initial and 3D models.

Handling of product sales, etc.

About sale of mayunya goods (key chains, etc.)
Mayunya does it under the following conditions.
* We have obtained the permission of the copyright holder.
[Production / sales conditions]
・We do not manufacture or sell products other than anyone of all ages.
・Specify the rights person for all products.
・ The rights person will be notified before the sale.
・However, if the rights person cannot be contacted.
(including cases where we cannot be contacted due to death, etc.)
may be sold at mayunya’s responsibility and discretion.

About broadcast contents

The contents of the Mayu channel are mainly composed of the following three axes.

Minecraft distribution (and video)

We are delivering construction and maintenance with Minecraft .
* We also operate a multi-server, and you can apply for use on this site.
Regular delivery is available every Friday at 22:00.

Game distribution (viewer participation type)

At the time of this broadcast,
I’m basically playing Nintendo Switch games with my viewers.
For now, it’s Mario Kart or Smash Brothers,
Please join us if you like.
The friend code will be announced at the time of broadcasting.
In addition, this broadcast will be irregular.

Chat broadcast (including work distribution)

At the time of this broadcast, I often do some work.
In addition , we plan to broadcast chat (not a work broadcast) once a month .

Future plans

We are considering the following as future plans.
* Since it is still in the examination stage, as soon as the implementation time is decided
I will inform you again.

1. Increase the number of broadcasting bases.

In addition to the current base (YouTube), we are considering simultaneous distribution to
Twitch, OpenREC, Periscope, Mirrativ, etc.

2. Gradually increase the number of broadcasts.

In order to improve the current low frequency of once a week or two, we will
deliver it regularly every Friday and make a broadcast slot with other guerrillas .

3. I also publish videos from time to time

As stated in the policy at the top, Mayunya is mainly active in live broadcasting.
However, as a result of thinking about the audience of everyone,
communication and he only delivered archive means
be limited, broadcasting up to several hours,
the possibility of viewing because it may be a burden was considered a result,
sometimes together I plan to give you a video .
However, I have little experience in video editing, so it’s really rare .
For a while, if there is a notice by publishing to produce a video,
and priority that get used in video production and editing.

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