(Site) Information on multilingual support

Thank you for your support of Mayu-channel.

We will continue to support other languages of this site sequentially from today.
Translations will be carried out with a view to completion by the end of the year,
and both Japanese and English will be supported.

The pages and content are saved in the language switching system as soon as the translation process is complete,
and you can switch the display language between Japanese and English.

Content that is not stored in the language switching system,
will not be available on the English page until it has been translated and saved to the system.

Content not stored in the switching system only supports Japanese.

In addition, some contents are not planned to be translated or saved in the system.

Translated page, PC, tablet, right edge of header menu,
From the last language switch on tablets below the recommended resolutions for smartphones and PC displays
You can switch between Japanese and English.

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